It's Ass-tastic!

If you're a frequenter of the various non-mainstream sports sites, you may very well be aware of assgate. It seems that on New Year's Day, during the Rose Bowl, one of the USC Song Girls twirled around and, well, she appeared to not have any drawers on. Now, you can draw your own conclusions (and they are fun to think about) but the facts are thre facts. You can see her hiney.

What's great is that across the blogosphere, such as it is, people have been talking about it, commenting on it, lauding it, thanking her, etc. And some have begun their own investigation as to who, precisely, we all have to thank for making the Rose Bowl that much...rosier. No, this isn't original content, but if you're a loyal reader of our site and not some of these others, you need to look.

Awful Announcing began the ball rolling and Deadspin picked it up right away. They continued today with further analysis, including commentary on another USC Song Girl with an "equally-muscled undercarriage."

Other girls became possibilities, and I highly encourage you to go to this link and then visit the links of the Song Girls themselves on USC's site. These are some sexy cheerleaders but, hell, it's Southern California.

Ultimately, it appears the general consensus is that the Song Girl with the remarkably elastic derriere is "Megan." No idea if this is a stage name or not.

Regardless, I hope Megan puts this on her resume/CV because this might be the thing she's most famous for in her life.

"I'm not going to be the Alabama coach."

Hopefully, This Is Run Better Than The Team