Boilermakers Vs Austin Peay Tonight Inside Your Computer

Sometime, deep into the future, when technology allows us to dream the impossible dream.... college basketball will be shown on television.

It may not be all games, mind you. No, but a top ten program will actually be able to have all of their games on the glowing tube we call television.

I know, I know... I sound like a crazy person, talking about such futuristic nonsense. Flying cars, hoverboards....and Purdue basketball on television.

We can all dream, can't we?

Until people more intelligent than I are able to figure out such technological marvels, we will watch Purdue basketball streaming online via Check it out now and see if your ISP allows you to view it. It's kind of like the magic 8-ball that way -- maybe you'll be able to see it, maybe you won't.

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