Final Sideboobs of September

It's a great time of year, gentlemen. The baseball regular season ends this weekend and next week at this time we'll be into the playoffs. The NFL is up to week four and the NCAA is up to week five. And among all the Notre Dame talk around here and Yankee-bashing, we all pause together and agree that boobies are wonderful. So let's get to it.

Alyssa Milano makes yet another appearance on our site, this time sporting Yankee apparel and showing just enough of her boobies to warrant inclusion into this edition of Sideboob Friday. If you look at galleries of pictures of Ms. Milano, you can tell she's not the spring chicken she was back in the Who's the Boss? days, but she's still hanging in there.

In honor of the aforementioned football season, I took to browsing through SI's photo gallery and they have an entire section devoted to cheerleaders! God bless Sports Illustrated. This lass is a cheerleader for the Carolina Panthers and one of her girls is coming out to play. Thought you might enjoy this.

Our final pic of the day is a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It must be nice to cheer in Florida instead of, say, Green Bay, where they look like Catholic school cheerleaders.

That's all for this week. Stay tuned for more analysis of the upcoming game for our Boilers against Notre Dame, analysis of the MLB playoffs and, of course, more analysis of one of the most popular subjects around here: Boobies.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs every Friday in this space. If you've got any revealing sideboob pictures of your wife, girlfriend or sister, you're encouraged to share them at We're not saying we'd run them -- we might just keep them for ourselves.


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