The Votes of Confidence (and notes)

Alright, ESPN now has multiple "experts" believing that Notre Dame is a double-digit win team. I've received a lot of texts about this topic, so I thought I'd respond.

Notre Dame's schedule is a sham...we all know it, Domers know it... it's Twinkie soft. So it's possible for the Irish to win ten games. But now, you have a lot of the media saying it's going to happen...All that does is increase the pressure in South Bend. This is a good thing. And, I think, as a guy who can't stand the Irish, I'm standing in a good position watching this all unfold.

Sure, anytime I hear a head slobbering over UND it makes me yell at the screen, but that's really not what's happening. With the exception of their senile ex-coach, most of those saying that Notre Dame will get a lot of wins aren't crediting the Irish, but dis-crediting their competition. If they dont' win a lot of games, it could be fun as UND is forced to let go of the Manatee. If their last scramble for a coach is any indicator, we could be in for a good show.

But, if they reach 10 wins, that's when the fun really begins. First, UND will almost definitely be in a BCS Bowl...GOOD!! I think we all want to see that again. Delusional Domers waxing poetically about the echoes being awakened as they prepare for the big stage? Sweet. This has ended very well for the Irish in the past 15 years...I'm kind of rooting for it.

And, once the Irish are shellacked in a BCS contest, they'll probably just be talking about Pickle's upcoming Senior season and looking forward to another year with Weis at the will we.

The worst case scenario is Gruden ending up in South Bend next season. I'm positive he'd win...and he's an easy guy not to like. I'm for Charlie staying in South Bend as long as he wants.

And speaking of votes of confidence, Jim Tressel wants the Snakeoil Salesman to know he stands behind him. And why wouldn't Tressel want Rodriguez to stick around? Since he's arrived we've heard of haphazard practices, seen UM lose more games than they've ever lost in a season, watched legal battles distract the coach and, most recently, heard of possible NCAA violations against the Wolverines. Seems pretty ideal...if you're a Bucknut.

Other Stuff really likes Matty's Boilers...we know that. But, they ended August with a big helping of love for our Boilers. They predict Purdue will be back in Indy in March in '10. This stuff gets me stoked...but right now, I'm more excited to watch football this evening.

I hope you enjoy tonight and the coming weekend as much as I will!

If you can't beat 'em, sucker punch 'em.

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