Tony Romo and T.O. Apparently Shop At the Same Dorky Hat Store

Take a look at these daffodils:

I don't see how anyone can think Tony Romo doesn't love T.O. given that they clearly shop together for hate my grandfather would have worn.

Seriously, what is with certain athletes trying to look like they're fashion plates at press conferences? And why doesn't Tom Brady dress like this? Or Eli Manning? Or Peyton Manning? How come it's only the guys who've never one a damn thing who look like they're more concerned with stylish freaking hats than the game itself?

Okay, but I digress. The Cowboys actually played really well last night. Their defense especially came to play and the whole team, to their credit, played like they had to win -- which they did.

The Giants missed Brandon Jacobs a lot and it's very clear that without him and Burress, it could be an early end to the playoffs for the G-men. However, I'm still confident that with a healthy Jacobs, this team is solid and can make a run. Winning home-field next Sunday against the Panthers would be nice.

As for T.O., the dude needs serious help. I'm talking major counseling and perhaps some drugs. He's now acting as though nothing ever happened this past week and that ESPN's Ed Werder made it all up. The priceless cringing look on Andrea Kremer's face when Owens first said this on the field after the game was awesome. It's like when a child lies about something everyone knows to be true -- it's just kind of pathetic.

Yes, T.O. I'm sure the irresponsible media made it all up just to be mean to you.

But everyone was buddy-buddy after the win, while we all know that there would be even more hissy-fitting going on if the Cowgirls had lost last night. But all is well for now and I found it fun to see Jerry Jones and his merry band of idiots in his box celebrating and hugging after the win like they just won the Super Bowl. Hey, maybe you guys will make the playoffs this year! And maybe Tony and Wade will finally win a playoff game! Wouldn't that be fun?

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