Purdue Notes

Well, the day is here...a day that some Purdue fans thought would never come and others hoped the same way- Brock Spack is no longer employed by his alma mater.

He's moving on to "greener" pastures...Illinois State, to be exact. Something tells me he never had the intention of coming back since he took a job such as this. While I'm excited for the change, I wish him well as he's a Purdue guy. Good Luck, Brock.

I'd like to see Hagen get the promotion...but we should know who's the next DC in a matter of days (just a guess).

No Word Yet...
Despite the rather large number of football recruits in town last weekend, no new verbals have announced they'll be coming to play in the gold and black. Granted, many had a few more visits planned before giving word, but I was hoping we'd hear some buzz.

Just like me, the coaches weren't impressed with Purdue's most recent week of games. They held tight at 13 in the AP, but dropped one spot to 18 in ESPN/USA Today poll. Sure, they played a pair of lackluster opponents, but they didn't play very well in either game (I know they played well defensively v. BSU; that's only half of the game).

Let's hope they peak in March regardless of what happens the next few months.

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