Quick Reaction to the NCAA's Sanctions against PSU

First off, PSU fans, and college football fans, that are angry with the NCAA are misdirecting their anger.  PSU's current AD and President both agreed to the sanctions before they were released.  Emmert didn't act as a bloodlusting dictator in this case...he was calculated in his assessment and communicated with PSU officials through the process of coming to a final punishment.

PSU fans- be angry at Sandusky, Paterno, Spanier, Curley and the others that stayed mum (and worse) and grinned as Paterno received commendation over the last 15 years.

This is not the death penalty, but one of Dan Patrick's staff is calling it the "Walking Dead Penalty"...and I like the terminology. In spite of declarations of loyalty by current PSU players, I'd think that many might re-think the way they handle the next few years of their life and where they spend them.  Most of these guys who I've heard speak/tweet thought of themselves as truly elite athletes.  Not having any opportunity to compete for championships changes a lot.

The ramifications on PSU's recruiting will be massive. Think for a moment about Purdue's Mollenkopf facility- bowl banners, photos of Tiller, Burtnett, Young and Mollenkopf are throughout the entrance of the facility...and their attachment to big rivalry wins, bowl wins and national recognition define the program.  If Purdue had to remove all of the remnants of Tiller, Burtnett, Young and part of Mollenkopf's best seasons, what would Purdue's program hang its proverbial hat upon?  No history...no legacy...just a void.

PSU will be dealing with exactly that scenario.  45-plus years of definitive wins really can't/won't be talked about to recruits and their families.

We'll see what the B1G does in :15 minutes.

Addendum: The B1G fines PSU an estimated $13million over four years- their share of bowl revenue in addition to the $60million the NCAA has already leveed. Not surprisingly, PSU will not be able to play in the football conference championship over the next four years.

Along with aOSU's punishment, that means the Leaders Division is a four team race in '12, and a five-team race in the ensuing three seasons.

According to the Chairman of B1G Presidents, Sally Mason, the conference never discussed removing PSU from the conference.

According to Delany, PSU players will be able to transfer within the conference and still receive scholarship.

The Only Thing That Could Make This Bowl Any Better Would Be If Our Team Couldn't Close The Deal!

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