The Only Thing That Could Make This Bowl Any Better Would Be If Our Team Couldn't Close The Deal!

You know what would be cool, random fan of the other team I am buddies with? If this bowl game was really close but our team couldn't close the deal and thus we got to see shi-ty, college-rules overtime!

High five!

It turns out that Buffalo Wild Wings will be sponsoring a bowl game out in the Arizona desert, formerly known as the Insight Bowl. And since it typically features a Big Ten team, there's chance that we will be subjected to our favorite program being in a bowl game brought to you by an outfit that thinks this is how being a fan of competitive sports works.

We've bitched about this before -- both boilerdowd and I loathe BWW's commercials, because they appear to be written by our mothers.....that is: "Sports -- yay!"

We will often text each other randomly during games and just say, "You know what would make this game even better? A janitor controlling sprinklers."

Well, it turns out we have a kindred spirit in the form of MGoBlog's Brian Cook:

I hope other people are driven as insane by the idea people would go to a sports bar and cheer for a tie, or that someone could be watching the Detroit Randoms try a last-ditch Hail Mary down a touchdown and say "the only thing that could make this better is… OVERTIME" instead of "the only thing that could make this better is winning 68-0 and being at a place where the food comes on, you know, plates." I hate the fake BWW people so, so much. 

 Thank you, Brian.

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