The Boston Boilermakers

What a cool night at the NBA Draft. Oh, well, other than it being the usual boring, David Stern-level-hip event that it always is. ESPN did their usual awkward interviewing because I guess that's what they think we want to see/hear. But the good news of the night was in the fact that the two winningest players in Purdue history will both be playing in the NBA next year. Even cooler was that they'll remain teammates.

JJ was picked by the Celts using a traded pick from NJ at #27, becoming the first Purdue first round pick since Big Dog went #1 overall in 1994. Not a bad journey for the lean 2007 version of JaJuan to go from timid freshman to first round NBA pick.

Smooge then went with the #25 pick of the second round to, again, the Celtics.

Danny Ainge likes E'Twaun's abilities:

“He’s played strictly a 2 in college, but he can handle the ball,” said Ainge. “But he’s a scorer, no doubt about that. He’s only 6-3, but he has long arms. He’s a good shooter. I saw him score 38 against Ohio State this year.”

Yes, indeed you did, Danny.

It's hard to say right now how critical these two will be for the Celts in the near future as it appears the Boston brain trust wants to make at least one more run with their own Big Three. Add to that the fact that Doc Rivers almost didn't come back for this coming season and it makes you wonder if the Celts will have a completely different look in a couple of years -- if so, maybe these Boilers will be leading the charge.

Unfortunately, numbers 25 and 33 are already retired in Boston, so we'll have to wait and see what Celtics jersey numbers will become the new faves of Purdue fans.

We couldn't be happier for these two. Congratulations, guys.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Matt Painter -- while happy for these two -- has his laser focus set on the upcoming season. Just the way we'd like him to.

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