Who Do You Want To Beat?

And no, the answer can not be "Lou Holtz's face."

As we approach the two-month mark in the long wait/countdown to college football 2011 (with no lockouts! Yay!), we continue asking meaningless poll questions and taking the temperature of the sleeping giant that is Purdue football fandom.

Obviously, sports cliche fans, you want to win every game...and you just take 'em one game at a time (That's good advice, too; I remember one time when Jim Colletto tried to play three games at once -- disaster). But if you had to rank the team you want to beat the absolute most on this year's schedule, who would it be?

We've posted a poll at the right with who I would imagine are the likeliest suspects, but we also included "Other" as an option. Poor University of Other. Anyway, if you choose them, let us know in the comments who you've got your scope trained on.

Tuesday Gumbo

The Boston Boilermakers