Detroit Boilermakers

Sometimes we like to shine our 2 candlepower spotlight on former Boilermakers who are making a name for themselves in the NFL. Well, one of my personal favorites, John Standeford, is kind of doing that as he's finally seeing some regular action for the Detroit Lions after spending four seasons on the Colts practice squad.

I'm actually not sure being on the Colts practice squad isn't better than being on the Lions active roster, but that's neither here nor there.

John has gone from catching passes from Peyton Manning in the practice bubble to being targeted by the legend that is Dan Orlovsky.

Truth is, though, we're happy that John is getting the chance to play regularly in the NFL because this is a hard-working guy who deserves it. I still wear his #82 to games in the fall.

Also interesting is the John Standeford isn't the only former Boilermaker to be "starring" for the Lions. Ole Stu Schweigert was signed by the league's most inept team in November.

Back to John, though... I thought this quote was a little puzzling, like maybe there's a problem within the coaching ranks in Detroit as far as communicating roles to players (imagine that):

"I thought Detroit was a good fit. I just try to go out there and make plays. I don't know what I am in their scheme. I try to run routes as best I can. I don't know what you call that. I try to get open."

This must be taken out of context because of all the "I don't know" comments -- maybe he was asked what kind of receiver he is or something. But it just seems to fit well with the dazed and confused look the Lions have had all season to match their 0-14 record.

But hey, that's not all on the former Boilermaker thread. You may already know this, but the offensive coordinator, such as it is, for the Lions is none other than (awful) former Purdue coach Jim Colletto. And here's Jim's quote about Standeford:

"He is really a dependable guy," Colletto said. "It's nice to have a couple of guys you can talk to out there. He does exactly what you ask him. He gives all kinds of effort. He is nice to have around."

Is it me, or does that sound really lonely? What are the other players doing? Pushing him down and kicking sand in his face? I guess if you're the O-coordinator of an 0-14 team, you really would be lonely.

Anyway, all the best to John, Stu, and, yes, even Jim.

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