Stupid Sports: Still nothing worth watching

The NBA playoffs are rolling along, and will be completed in five or six months...I actually watched some of the games that were on last night- LeBron is a good basketball player...a freakish athlete, and might be surrounded by enough talent to get a championship...The Nuggets are suddenly good again and might give the Lakers a run next round. All that said, the NBA still doesn't do much for me.

The good news is, a lot of people, in spite of the poor economic climate are willing to waste a ton of money to gain your viewership and interest...We'll start on one end of the stupid spectrum and end on the other:

USPDF (United States Pole Dancing Federation)

Yes, there is a federation of strippers and "gentlemen's club" (I guess) that have formed an "athletic" league of rhythmic exotic dancing for hundreds of dollars of fabulous prizes and notariety beyond any little girl's wildest dreams! While pole dancing is much more difficult than olympic trampoline, I don't think it deserves national coverage...which it's actually receiving.

Lingerie Football League
It's all fun and games until one of these toned young ladies blows out her knee...seriously; statistically, it might not happen once, but three or four times, in one game. Yikes.

And while no heterosexual man would object in seeing athletic young women in these uniforms, the physical effort puts some of these "athletes" in positions that aren't too attractive.

United Football League

This league, unlike some others that have failed before they got started, has some advantages. First, there's clearly some money behind it...because of that, they've got a bunch of washed-up, big name, former NFL coaches. They've also got a TV contract, even if it is with's still a TV contract (beginning fall of '09).

Plus, while they have an executive team, head coaches and a commissioner, I see the omission of one key aspect to the league- players. There's nothing more-exciting than watching executives, owners and coaches, right?

Besides players, they're missing something else. If you waste enough time on their website, you'll see their team/market map. It's consistent of the Northeast US and the Southwest US.

While NY has some very good pro football fans, Hartford, SLC and LA might be some of the worst-possible cities to base a team, I'd think...and they have zero plans for expansion into the Midwest or the South...makes sense?

What's the over/under on the amount of seasons that will be played?

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