Brett Favre is like so 90s.

I like change...I like excitement...But, if something is constantly in flux, it's no longer exciting. This is the story of Ms. Favre.
She's likes her ex-boyfriend, quite a bit...but he doesn't listen to her like he used to. She used to be popular...and she and her boyfriend were the top story in the halls, but now, she's grown tiresome. And a bunch of people are even whispering that she's a whore when she walks by.

But she doesn't get it...Part of the reason all the guys in school thought she was hot for so long is because the intrigue and she was different...They didn't know everything about her. But now, she's leaving all doubt and uncertainty out of the equation.
We all know her now...She's a fickle, self-absorbed, whiny ice queen that pretended for years to be something she wasn't...and now, it looks like she wants to date her old beau's sworn enemy. Not cool.

No matter, if she doesn't get "it" by now, she never will. But one thing's for sure, her time as a popular chick is well in the past.

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