Let's Take A Dump!

I mean a link dump, of course! What did you sickos think I meant?

Another Head-Scratcher

In another curious move by the athletic department, finding a suitor for the Wooden Classic in Indianapolis this December just got to be too difficult. And so instead of risking having to invite a local high school team to play, they simply asked Ball State if they wouldn't mind playing at Conseco instead of Mackey on 12/19 instead of 12/5. This is just weird, because -- as many readers and others have pointed out -- shouldn't Purdue have enough drawing power to get a higher-profile school to come in for this? Granted, not at late notice when everyone else's schedules are finalized. Always the company man, Matt Painter is excited about it:

Moving the Ball State game to the Wooden Tradition is exciting because it will provide fans with the opportunity to see a clash of two in-state teams in a top-notch facility in the state capital.

Indeed, Matthew!

Ohio State's Biggest Obstacle This Weekend: A Horn

What does it say about your team when the opponent is focusing on dealing with your train whistle instead of, say, your playcalling? Ohio State has been practicing with a train horn blowing throughout practice, to the point of irritating the Buckeye players. They're even working on silent snap counts in case the horn is blowing during that time.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you're allowed to blast a train whistle while the other team is lining up for a play.

Football Home-and-Home With Oklahoma State!

Oh, in 2016. With Purdue going there in 2019. I'll mark my calendar.

Somebody Get Stacy Clardie a Cold Shower!

Headline about a week ago: "Boiler men getting some national love." Other post titles in her past include "Boilers get toweled off." Hey-yo! Who is this, Boilergal? We kid, of course.

Stacie does have a tidbit from yesterday that even Coach Painter thought Hummel might take a month or two off, "but that hasn't happened." Despite this, Painter claims to have no concerns.

Signs the UFL is failing already

Nobody Thinks USC-UND Is A Rivalry