Yep, Pat Knight Is Definitely Head Coaching Material

I think the caption for the accompanying picture should be something like, "Doy-uhh... what ha-ha-happened?"

I don't know why I take such delight in Pat Knight's Texas Tech Red Raiders getting absolutely dump-trucked by Kansas last night 109-51.... oh, no, wait... I do know! Because he doesn't deserve his job!

I know Pat's team knocked off Texas over the weekend (I saw some of the game -- hooray for living in Texas) and that's a fine victory... but the mark of a good coach/team is the ability to not suffer a letdown after a big win. That victory means pretty much nothing now after the steamrolling the Red Raiders took last night.

See, I imagine that Pat allowed his team to feel absolutely wonderful about that win over Texas instead of reminding them that they had a huge game on the road against Kansas coming up. And sure, I understand that it was senior night at KU and that KU is a far superior team... but, he lost by almost sixty freakin' points!

Can you imagine if IU lost by 58 points? Or UCLA? Don't you think there would be immediate calls for Dakich's or Howland's jobs? I do. I think the Universities would be embarrassed and would be looking for someone to take the fall.

Of course, Patrick showed glimpses of his father's classiness during his halftime interview when he said, "Nobody showed up to play tonight."

Got nothing to do with you, though, right.... "Coach"?

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