OK Boiler Fans -- Wear Navy Blue Tomorrow

Something you're used to doing, I'm sure, because you're all so handsome and navy blue is a nice, sharp color. Especially with your sexy eyes. Ed DeChellis is a better coach than Bo Ryan, Penn State has talent that's at least on par with Wisconsin's, and the game's at Wisconsin's majestically-named Kohl Center -- plus the Nittany Lions have got to be amped up to play spoiler. Tell you what, Penn State... if you win tomorrow night, I'll fulfill your deepest desire: during over (sic) the course of the Big Ten Tournament, I'll refer to your school as WE ARE, PENN STATE.

Okay, sorry, I couldn't even do all that seriously. No, Penn State is not on a par with Wisky, but yeah, my post makes about as much sense as the lunacy over at Badger Tracker. Truth is, though, Wisky has a better shot right now because the Boilers have to play two road games that aren't exactly gimmes -- @OSU and @UM -- while the Badgers get to host PSU and go @NU. Yikes. So let's just chalk up two wins for Wisconsin. Yep, those two are guaranteed! For sure! No need to even play 'em! Wisconsin should win eeeeeeeeasily. Right? Gosh, I sure hope they don't trip over one of those lesser opponents.

I mean, truly. I sure hope Wisky's getting swept by the Boilermakers this year doesn't come back to bite 'em.

Grrrrrrrrrrr!! Don't jinx my team! I will fire thunderbolts out of my fingers! But not my index finger! It alone can destroy a city! I will simply use my weaker three fingers!

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