Big Ten Power Rankings: 10/12/11

12. Minnesota
We thought they were bad...turns out, they're worse.  I'm not sure who can be blamed for this- Brewster? I guess.  Kill's health? Sure. But come on- IU's Dinardo-coached teams looked better...that says a lot.

Kill's Northern Illinois squads would do better in conference than Goldy has faired this's not supposed to work that way, even in a re-building season.

11. IU
In each game, IU seems to show some passion or a pulse...but usually it's too late by the time that happens.  Last week, they started the contest well and petered out in the end.  Regardless of what happens when there's time on the clock...when it 0:00, the Hoosiers are typically on the losing end.

Now, will Wisconsin hang 90 on the Hoosiers this week?  Who knows.  I'm positive there are a few pride-filled Hoosier players that remember last year's shellacking.  I don't think pride will help them too much this week in Madison.

10. aOSU
Do I really believe the Bucknuts belong in the muck and mire of the cellar? No. Do I want to move them from this spot? Hell no. 

Buckeye fans told us that it was them v. the world and that they would rise to the occasion...they almost did it last week in Lincoln- and I was rooting for aOSU to win.  I learned a valuable lesson in my first and last game to root for the scarlet and gray- Never count on the Buckeyes.

9. Purdue
From the outside, our Boilers are a head-scratcher...for those of us that watch week-in, week-out, it's not that complicated.  If a team is really bad, Purdue is macho.  Anything more and Purdue gets exposed.  Our Boilers are far from mathematically-eliminated from bowl contention, but the next six could change that.

8. Northwestern
This season was supposed to be different, but a major injury has been tougher for the usually-resiliant Cats to bounce back from than many thought it'd be.  They'll start out 2-5 before traveling to Bloomington for a much-needed W.

7. Iowa
Ferentz's offense didn't show any signs of growing pains until it ran into the buzz saw that is the Nittany Lion defense.  The Hawkeyes should win a few games in a row before being challenged in November.

This team is like MSU Lite.  One blemish on the schedule and a mother of a defense...the only difference is their offense hasn't even shown a pulse this season.  That'll eventually hurt them...and their last four games are monstrous.

5. MSU
J is still hopelessly in love with Sparty...but that doesn't change the fact that this team is not what we thought they'd be.  An All-B1G QB, great running backs and one of the best receivers in the nation...and they still have no offensive identity.  It's a damned good thing their defense is one of the best in the nation.  UM will be battered and bruised come Saturday evening.

4. Nebraska
The Cornhuskers get a tasty mid-season snack this week in Minneapolis before playing Sparty.  Unless MSU can find an identity, I think Nebraska is on a collision course with Lucas Oil at the end of the season.

2b. Illinois
The only reason they're not above UM is because the opponent they struggled against last week.  The score wasn't really indicative of how much of a fight Wilson's upstart Hoosiers gave them. 

2a. Michigan
Michigan has started the season well, but struggled on Saturday...and I just don't think they'll be up among the league's elite for long.  Their second half of the season is brutal (with one exception)'s a good thing they're bowl eligible already.  Plus, does anyone think Robinson will stay healthy for the duration?

1.  Wisconsin

They don't need to play to stay atop the league.  They run the ball well, pass well and are an excellent defensive team.  They do everything well and are coached aggressively and soundly.  At this point, no one's close to number one.

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