WE ARE...The Handsome Hour

Tonight on the Handsome Hour, we're joined by Ben Jones of the Penn State pornography aggregator site, Black Shoe Diaries. We'll discuss the upcoming Purdue-Penn State rockfight, as well as Ben's secret affinity for Purdue sites and podcasts, and then maybe -- if you all behave -- we'll take some calls. A rumor has circulated that a certain female listener has been sharpening her Boilerdowd impression and is nearly ready to come on the air to deliver it.

You wouldn't want to miss any of this fun now, would you?

As a reminder, the Handsome Hour can be heard at the direct link provided above, streaming live at 10 PM, Eastern, or anytime following the recording of the show. Smartphone users can visit the mobile site by clicking here and listen live or anytime thereafter as well.

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