How to Fix Open Wheel Racing

If you're a racing fan, I think you believe that open wheel racing in America is broken. I believe I have a solution. There may be logistical issues with my plan...but that's why these blogs exist- for dialogue. So, if you see problems with this idea, sound off. If you don't care and you're a NASCAR fan, there's another site that would love to hear you're opinion...

Champ Car already blocks May in their schedule. It seems like this natural gap is created so drivers like Sebastian Bordais, Bruno Junqueira & others might be able to come to Indy and race, if the situation presented itself. While I'm not sure if their contracts allow them to come to Indy for "The Greatest Spectacle", I am sure that the prize money is not big enough to make sure that they'd be here if they were leaning that way.

So, Indy needs to first find the money to make the race clearly the greatest again. If the winner's purse jumped to $5 million, you wouldn't only have Champ Car drivers coming over looking for rides, you might also get some NASCAR drivers again and even some F1 drivers. If I was George, I'd also request that NASCAR blocks that day to allow their drivers to have the option to come to Indy without using an emergency helicopter or team plane. Simply ask for the Coca Cola 600 to be moved to Monday...Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

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