The only dumb poll that matters: BS 2010 Men's Premature Top 10

Only 3 teams are allowed to join the Boilers in Houston next April

Our basketball coverage will shift to other things in the coming weeks...but we'll have a few more features in the near future that you won't want to miss. Specifically- what can JJ learn from Boilerdowd in the off-season? Stay plugged-in to find out.

One thing that seems extremely-evident to me as I look ahead to next season is just how strong the Big Ten is going to be. Three familiar teams will once-again be in the national top-10 from Purdue's conference, in my opinion and three-more will be in the top-25.

While it's not real fair to already be looking forward to next season...I'm going to go ahead and do it. Lots will change with defections, transfers and mystery late signees...but my poll is no more or less-stupid than those that'll be coming out from the big media outlets in the coming weeks. So kick back and enjoy the frivolity of a stupidly-early poll.

And away we go...

10. Georgetown
As long as Ohio's not on the schedule too many times, Georgetown could win quite a few games before the new year.

9. Kansas State
The loss of Clemente will hurt, but KSU athleticism will still be immense next season.

8. North Carolina
While UNC did a fine job keeping themselves out of the rankings last season, I just can't. I think Williams is a great coach...and a couple more 5-star players might finally make the Tarheels a respectable team.

7. Syracuse
Onuaku's injury might have cut salesman Boeheim's season short, but a 5-star 7-footer is good for what ails ya. This ranking might be a bit high if a few guys decide it's time to leave the warmth of upstate NY.

6. aOSU
National POY leaves? No problem when you've got Thad Matta and an unobtrusive AD behind him. Diebler, Bufford, Lauderdale will be bolstered by some of the most-skilled and physically-developed Freshman in the land. This team might be better than the '09/'10 team...but a true point guard must emerge for that to happen. I'll miss Mark Titus.

5. Kentucky
Teflon John is currently quietly hooking a boat full of "undecided" Freshman as the majority of this year's class of student athletes makes their final decision to not return.

4. Purdue
If JJ's back, Purdue will once-again enjoy a spot in the top-5 for most of the season. Look for T. Johnson to possibly start right away. As a fan, am I being too greedy to ask for a healthy Ostrich for the last third of the season? Be ready for an angry Smooge to make an early and loud statement to the nation.

stay put, JJ

3. Butler
Brad Stevens went through three coaching legends to end the season...and was about six inches from being undefeated in those contests. No hotter young coach in the nation right now. Plus, 4 of 5 starters back on the National runner-up squad if Heyward returns...perhaps more than 7,000 Butler fans will show up on opening night?

2. Duke
5-Star Irving replaces Scheyer and each of the Plumlee clones will take Goonbek and Thomas' spots

1. Michigan State
Morgan's the only significant loss...and if your name doesn't rhyme with Dom Bizzo, you might not think it's a significant loss at all. So, with a monster 6'10" 5-star center in the pipeline, Chubby McGreen might still not earn a role in the starting line-up. But regardless of whom is starting, they'll be great.

Did I miss any? Un-possible. If you think so, sound off.

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