Can We Quit With the Big East Slurping Now?

My favorite interview was right before the WVU-Duke game when Huggins was asked about preparing for a team as good as Duke. He responded with the FIRST thing he said being, "Well, we play in the Big East..."

As though that explains all you should ever need to know about facing good teams because all the best teams are there.

Ah, so, yes, you play in the Big East, Bob. And the two times your boys had their asses handed to them were Jan 1 versus a Big Ten team and in the Final Four against an ACC team. Just wanted to clarify that.

Also, Sports Illustrated had a number of "Big East flexes their muscles" kinds of quotes in their bracket predictions. And then Georgetown lost to the 9th place MAC team, Notre Dame lost to Old Dominion, Syracuse got knocked out by the Horizon League champ, Marquette lost to a Pac 10 team..... and the championship was ACC vs Horizon.

So let's close the book on '09-'10 Big East nut-slurping. It's a good conference, sure, but it's a mega-conference so you're bound to have some good teams.

Just not the best teams.

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