Tough Loss

Moore and Martin played well and Hummel almost got into the groove, but no one wanted to take the reigns...Thus, the Butler-led Buckeyes got a quality win last night at the worst-named arena in America. The team that wanted it more tonight, got the win.

People can say whatever they want about Thad Matta being a great coach, they're not correct. What I saw yesterday was an OSU team that simply is filled with talent and quickness that has no business being on the outside looking in at the Big Ten race. If you have guard play like aOSU does coupled with skilled bigs, you should not only have 20 wins at this time, you should be talking about which seed you're going to be, not if you're in or out. I hope aOSU fans were frustrated last night as they watched the game, because it seems to me that their team simply decided to compete. It's coaching when your team doesn't compete night-in-night-out.

I guess Purdue is never going to win in Columbus again...that's great, it will save the University thousands of dollars each season from now on; they don't even need to make the trip. While aOSU is a talented team, Purdue acted like a bunch of underclassmen at times and didn't take what was theirs- victory and a share of the Big Ten title. It burns me too- You sweep Wisconsin and only lose to upper-division teams on the road and will only have a third-place finish to show for it. Purdue has no one to blame but itself.

The articles I've perused have Moore, Hummel and others all talking about how frustrated they are to have let the BT title slip. Hopefully, they're motivated enough to make noise in the Big Ten tournament now. Rankings and publicity don't matter anymore this season...what really counts is nearly upon us.

Hope You're proud of yourselves, Ohio.

OK Boiler Fans -- Wear Navy Blue Tomorrow