Half Time Reporting. USA - Argentina

So the US Mens Basketball team was literally running away with the game in the first 12 minutes. They were up by 21 at one point, and then they decided that they were good enough to coast through to half time. They're lucky to be up by 9 at half. It really should be 6, but the Argentinians had a stupid foul at the end of the first half that left Carmelo Anthony shooting and hitting three free throws.

They are definitely the most athletically gifted team in the Olympics, but that has always been the case. The problem is that they're not the most fundamentally skilled team. The U.S. game is all about jumping and running. The rest of the world dribbles, sets picks, passes, and shoots. This is the first game when they've been challenged for rebounds (trailing 18-17 at the half.) Most of their games they've been able to make up for poor shooting by dominating the boards. Not so this time. It will be interesting to see if they come out with a fire and a passion to win. I suspect they will and that they'll pull away and not let up in the second half.

They grow up so fast...

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