And, of course, Boiled Sports

You know how when TV or movie credits roll, there's usually someone who gets the "and" credit? As in... "Starring ....

Cameron Diaz

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Tim as Raul the Love God"

Well, that's sort of how it felt when we saw our mention in the NY Times (graciously pointed out to us by MaizenBrew):

Where do Purdue fans congregate: The same as last year, with one minor alteration. For recruiting sites, fans meet at Gold & Black Illustrated and Boiler Sports Report. For blogs, check out Hammer and Rails and, of course, Boiled Sports.

Hey, we're flattered to be considered a place for Purdue fans to congregate. Let's strive for next year's to say, "Hammer and Rails, Boiled Sports and, of course, Boilerdowd's bedroom."


The Cavs have to upgrade