J doesn't like racing...that's OK, he's a Yankee fan, so you can't really trust his taste. But, if you like watching Indy Car, this is one of the best weekends to make sure you're in front of the TV.

Those of you who visit often know how much I love the Indy 500...But you can't argue with the results at TMS. In a four-year span of races at Texas ('03-'07), the largest margin of victory was still less than half of a second...and one of the closest races ever was at Texas between Hornish and Castroneves- Nine-point-six-thousandths of a second. Amazing stuff.

I told J this, and I'll say it to you guys, this is a fun one, even if your a Neckcar fan...granted, there's no rubbing, no "competition" yellows, and probably no fist fights, but they'll often run side-by-side for laps at a time around the 1.5 mile circuit...Many of you can't appreciate these drivers as athletes, but the amount of skill, nerve and grit it takes to run inches from another car at 215+ is undeniable. The race is at 9:00 on Saturday on the Versus network...which not enough people have, sadly.

It'd be great to see someone outside of AGR, Penske or Ganassi win one...Maybe Wheldon can get it done this weekend.

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