Happy Birthday, Hayden! (CMigrator copy 1)

Hayden Panettiere turned 18 on August 21...in celebration of her big day, I thought I'd post my top five ladies of TV (as of this minute).

(In no particular order)

Hayden Panettiere (She's got a nearly-flawless face...and her upside [to use sports terminology] is huge. Hopefully, she doesn't even know who Paris Hilton is.)

Elisabeth Hasslebeck (She's a great-looking Mom, a conservative and I used to work with her...seriously.)

Erin Andrews (She might be the only person on ESPN worth watching...but if that's all the network had, it'd still be OK.)

Kari Byron (Great looking and seems pretty smart...she's a nerd's dream.)

Kristen Bell (Don't know much about her...but she's got a purty mouf.)

Charlie Weis Clears Things Up

Happy Birthday, Hayden!