Important One Ahead...and notes

Matty's squad heads to Evanston tomorrow to play the slip-sliding Wildcats.  Evanston has been a tough place for Purdue to play since Carmody took over 13 years ago...their offense is like no one else's and they play better zone than anyone in the league...typically.

This season has been tougher for Northwestern, statistically...they're allowing the second-most points/game in the league (67.2) while being sixth in scoring.  Purdue edges them out on offense and is a few slots better on defense...but that changes nothing.  Purdue needs to not simply accept the three point shot and Jackson, TJohn and co. need to slice up the Cat defense in order for Purdue to win.

Purdue is in an unusual situation, coming off of its first two-game losing streak of the season...and losing to the bottom of the conference is something they can't afford to do at this point. Hell, they losing to anyone right now isn't a good thing.  The margin for error has been shrinking and continues to do so with lackluster defensive efforts by our Boilers.

Hopefully they don't dig themselves a 10-15 point deficit early on...those are tougher to overcome on the road.

Matty's squad's current CCR is they're nowhere near where they need to be if the season ended today.

Smooge Goes Off
With a ton of Celtic guards on the shelf, E'twaun Moore took advantage of the situation by propelling the Cs to a win v. Orlando last night.  In just 18 minutes, he had 16 points in just 18 minutes...when he came in, the Celtics were down...when he left, the Celtics were victors.

Moore also seems to have a friend in HC Doc Rivers who spoke glowingly of Moore's fearlessness and confidence after the game.

T-Minus 4 Days
Football signing day is just four days away...and I've heard nothing to make me believe there will be significant attrition due to late sniping from other programs.

If the guys that verballed were to sign this evening, Purdue's class would be a solid top-30 class...the best for Purdue since the early oughts.  Plus, there are a few rumors about additional players coming aboard more than defections.

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