Making Purdue Proud!!

By now, everyone's heard about the miracle that occurred in the Hudson River this afternoon after a US Airways flight crash-landed just following its takeoff. All 155 people inside the plane escaped without serious injury. Within a minute after the plane came to a stop on its water runway, all of its passengers had exited the vehicle and were either standing on the wings of the sinking craft or were in the inflatable slides that double as rafts.

The crew of this plane needs to be saluted for what it did...because a lot of lives were saved because of their know-how. But, the pilot, Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III gets a ton of credit for putting it down safely and directing the crew in the moments following the smooth glide to safety.

Why is this on Boiled Sports? You guessed it, Sully is a Boilermaker. He earned his masters of Industrial Psych in God's it fits. But, his Purdue connection is really just an excuse for me to give credit to God- many people, even some Christians, don't believe that God's still actively performing miracles...but the fact that no one lost their life in this accident is beyond logical or even astounding!

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