The Middle Tennessee State University Predicto

Not bad.

Regardless of your prognostications for the seasons, I think everyone can agree that there are a ton of question marks for our Boilers coming into this season.  Hopefully we can have a few answered.  Until then, here are a few guesses of how tomorrow might go for Danny Hope's team.


Check out what BSers think about tomorrow's game...

Teddy says:
Terbush comes out swinging early. Makes a few bad passes, but our receiving corps helps him out a few times. We'll notice that the classic bumbling fingers are mostly gone, but some early season jitters will still cost a few dropped passes. Terbush will throw roughly 25 passes in the first half, completing 16 for 130 yards and an interception. Bolden will have a decent resume put together at the half with one rush more than 20 yards and a touchdown. Total will be north of 100. Purdue will go into the locker room at the half  up 17 to 3.
On the defensive end, we'll see Ricardo Allen break up a few 3rd and long situations, but he won't get an interception until the second half. We've been going fairly easy on Bolden due to the recovery, so we won't be as apt to defend against the run, but it won't prove to be much of an undoing.

Second half will be the Sean Robinson show, but the green one won't be extremely efficient with the ball. He'll end up giving Carson his first chance for a field goal north of 65 yards late in the third. Hope allows it, Carson will barely miss it as all of Ross Ade holds on to their jiggly parts.
Boilers open the season 1-0...and in doing so will show us a lot about what we have to expect this year. 

Purdue  17
The MTSU  6

Tim says:

Stability and healthy players would be nice.  Unfortunately, it seems that injuries are once again going to be a major factor this season. Will Marve get healthy in time to make an impact?  Will TerBush be

entrenched as starter by that time?  I hope so as that means he and the team are performing well.  Will Bolden stay healthy the whole season and show off his true ability?  We need him to, that's for sure. Same crap, different year.  The outcome of the season depends greatly on the health of the team.  Unless Wiggs can just kick 87 yard field goals every time the other team kicks off.  Just kneel in the end-zone and kick a field goal from your own 20 on first down. They'll never see it coming.This game should be an easy win.  Therefore it will not be.  I'm a Purdue football fan after all, so optimism is in short supply currently.  I'm tired of hoping for a meager 6 wins so the team can play in the Uncle Fred's Bingo Balls Bowl.  It's been done before and there's no reason why Purdue can't compete on the national stage and in the B1G again.  I realize that this year is not that year, but it's time to see some improvement.  If not, things need to change in the athletic department.

After getting off topic and saying nothing about this game:

Purdue  32
The MTSU 16

J says:
I think the Boilers start 2-2 in their four non-con games even though they very well SHOULD be 3-1 in the non-con. B-Dowd and others have justifiable fears about the Rice game on the road, but I feel like absolutely everyone is chalking up a win vs MTSU. This team has gone to bowls the past two years and, yes, I know they have a lot of newbies on offense... BUT... so does Purdue. I'm all for seeing TerBush stretch the field, BUT this is a guy who has thrown only a smattering of passes in college and a guy who missed all of last season. Plus all his passes were thrown in Madison, Wisconsin, where the fat floating in the air from all the bratwursts really hinders you from getting a complete picture of a passer's accuracy.
I think TerBush could be a little shaky in his first start, but I think he will get better quickly. That's why I think Purdue WILL win at Rice but that leaves me with this continuing feeling of dread about the MTSU game. Coach Hope has lost a home game to a team nobody felt they had any business losing two in each of his years. And you can't blame that on injuries. It happened vs Northern Illinois and it happened vs Toledo last year.

I hope so very much that I am wrong about this, but I fear it happens again this weekend.

Purdue 20
The MTSU  21

Boilerdowd says:

I'm kinda sick and tired of guessing about things that there's really no way to know about. Your hunch versus mine is really all we can argue about at this point.

MTSU lost a lot last year, but their quarterback started figuring things out at the end of the season.  From the sound of coaches interviews and articles, the Blue Raiders might be blitzing TerBush a whole lot.

TerBush is saying all the right things and many of his teammates have been vocally-supportive of the Junior QB saying that he's looked solid during practice...but, as players like former Boiler RB Brandon Jones (one one end) and former Boiler backup QB Brandon Hance (on the other end) know, practice doesn't always show what a player can do on gameday.

So what do I think? I think Allen and the rest of the DBs, Holland and the LBs, and Short and the DL should be strong enough, fast enough and good enough to simply not allow MTSU get into rhythm.  On the other side, I like the OLine and the running backs...but everyone else is a guess at this point.  So a methodical wearing down of the visitors from the south is what I expect to see in the intense heat and humidity at Ross Ade on Saturday.

But these guys just gotta learn how to play consistently and do the little things. Saturday could be the start of that trend.

Purdue  27
The MTSU  17

    To Your Call Once More We Rally;
    Alma Mater Hear Our Praise.
    Where The Wabash Spreads Its Valley;
    Filled With Joy Our Voices Raise.
    From The Skies In Swelling Echoes
    Come The Cheers That Tell The Tale
    Of Your Vict'ries And Your Heros,
    Hail Purdue! We Sing All Hail!

    Hail, Hail To Old Purdue!

    All Hail To Our Old Gold And Black!
    Hail, Hail To Old Purdue!
    Our Friendship May She Never Lack.
    Ever Grateful, Ever True,
    Thus We Raise Our Song Anew;
    Of The Days We've Spent With You,
    All Hail Our Own Purdue!

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