This Is Fun

Purdue hasn't even played yet (tonight, 7:20 PM Eastern) but we're enjoying ourselves around here.

Yesterday, class act Bob Knight's Red Raiders washed out of the Tourney by about 2:30 in the afternoon. Today, the golden boys of Notre Dame managed to once again not prove themselves worthy of anywhere near the level of press they get (and in two sports, no less!) in their loss to 11-seed Winthrop.

The Golden Domers were down twenty in the second half and then went on a run to take a 63-62 lead... and then got outscored 12-1 in crunch time. Good stuff.'s headline as I type this is "Winthrop stuns ND."

Really? "Stunned"? I guess I'm stunning too, then, since I picked this in my bracket.

How does anyone out there not expect Notre Dame athletics to crap the bed in the postseason?

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