Peering Into The Windows of UConn

So while doing my usual porn-surfing this afternoon, I decided to look into what UConn blogs are out there and to see if they're giving us any ammunition -- that is, mocking Purdue or taking them ultra-lightly. I didn't necessarily find that yet, but what I did find was, well... take a look.

At UConn Huskies Basketball, they've located a YouTube clip of a Purdue...student, I think. She's surely hot, but I don't think she represents Purdue quite the way we might like to be represented.

"This is Purdue's bell toweerrrrrrrr.... it's kind of like the center of Purdue's campus..."


"The rule is you're not supposed to walk underneath it, or you'll fail your next three tests... or something like that...."

*holds head*

At least she sort of knows part of the fight song. And is hot.


Over at The UConn Blog (imaginative name, by the way -- do you think this guy's kid is named "Son"?) they have a Q&A with Travis from Hammer and Rails (whoever that is).

If you read us at all, you know we are allies with Travis, but I have to give him some ribbing for this exchange... when asked what Purdue's weaknesses were, Travis went with:

Rebounding, Free throw shooting, and general shooting have all been bugaboos at times.

Holy crap! What else is there? If ever you wanted to encapsulate the mind of a Purdue fan, there you go. We may be in the Sweet 16, but we're weak everywhere. (You know we love you, Travis.)

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