2010 Purdue Football: Game 3

As part of the BS football season preview at the end of August, we'd like the readers of BS to weigh in on the Boilermakers' chances in each of their games. Today, we discuss game 3.

On September 18, Purdue plays their second intra-state game of the year, welcoming in old punching bag standby Ball State. Last year, the Cardinals went 2-10; the year before, 12-2. I'd say the Boilers are catching them at the right time.

The Boilermakers are 7-0 against Ball State in a rivalry that goes back to 1985. This was one of the first teams I saw Purdue play in person back in 1994. The team started out with wins of 51-17 against Toledo and 49-21 against Ball State. Mike Alstott looked amazing. I was hooked and thought, "Damn, this Coletto guy is an offensive genius!"


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