Here We Go....AGAIN

Hey, did you know that these two clowns have played each other a number of times before? Did you also know that Tom Brady is a mythical figure who had god-like powers, especially in the playoffs? Did you also know that Peyton Manning's career sucks solely because his team has never been able to play a big playoff game without their own hands around their necks? Did you know they played earlier this season and Peyton won -- in Foxboro?!! I know! But did you also know that maybe Bill Belichick, who's even more godlike than Tom Terrific -- sheet, he's like a hoodie-wearing god of thunder and lightning -- could have, maybe, possibly, been sandbagging? You know, like he figured, "Hey, we might see these guys again if everything works out and I'm willing to sandbag a nationally televised home game and risk home-field advantage just so I can have the upper hand on this Manning character and de-pants him in his home stadium in January. You know, if we happen to meet."

Yeah, get ready for more stories you've already heard and more interviews about stories that even real fans of these teams are sick of. Frankly, I'd rather hear stories about Adam Vinatieri going against the team he won all those Super Bowls for.

The other game of the week will also feature lazy storylines, as the New Orleans Saints football team success continues to cause hosues to rebuild themselves and poor people living in shelters to not feel as hungry or alone. It's really amazing what football can do. And as much as I want to (and will) be rooting for N.O. next weekend, I hate their own Tom Benson, a fat, ignorant man who wanted to never come back to the Big Easy and wanted to permanently relocate to San Antonio. Or Los Angeles. Or Lafayette, Indiana. Anywhere but New Orleans. Classy.

And on the other side of the ball from them, we'll get to hear more about Rex Grossman and what a liability he is, despite the fact that he could have been a lot worse than he was on Sunday.

Speaking of liabilities, let's look at our records...

Tim: 2-2 (5-3 overall)

boilerdowd: 2-2 (6-2 overall)

J Money: 2-2 (5-3 overall)

Remember, the winner gets a night with boilerdowd's wife. We really should have opened this up to readers, too.

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