One-Third of Us Like Hockey

I've been very good. I know how much my co-writers dislike hockey and so I've done my best not to turn this into a blog about the New York Rangers or other aspects of the NHL. I have season tickets to the Rangers and thus have more direct access to that sport than any other but still, I behave myself.

However, I can't promise that this will always be the case, especially if the Rangers go far in the playoffs this spring. One thing that occurred to me, though: the NHL playoffs, like the NBA playoffs, go on into mid-June every year. I saw this article last week about a bride in New Orleans having some of her guests back out to attend the Saints home playoff game the same night and I sent it along to my future wife, saying "I hope the Rangers aren't in the Stanley Cup Finals that night." I don't think thought it was as funny as I did.

Oh, but on the subject of hockey -- and writing about it -- you should check out this site and in particular this column. The author is very handsome.

Paging Ron Mexico. Mr. Mexico, please pick up the nearest white courtesy phone.

Here We Go....AGAIN