Hope Extended Through 2016

Before the season, Burke refused to talk about Hope's contract but said the program needed to take a step forward by going to a bowl.  After Hope's squad was picked to play in Detroit following the season, it seemed that the contract extension was inevitable. Yesterday, Burke and Hope got together and made it semi-official by extending Hope's contract through 2016.

The terms are not final or public yet, but we'll probably know more in the coming weeks.

Purdue also received a $2 million gift to go toward the football program's marketing in an effort to boost quickly slipping ticket sales.

Methinks having the team ready to play in the pre-conference would help ticket sales a bit too.


I've said this on the Handsome Hour a few times, but never typed it here- I don't believe in Karma off the field, but I do believe in sports Karma.  Meaning, if you do something bad to someone in sports, the word spreads about you and your program and it become difficult to find someone to do the job better.

IU has dealt with sports Karma on the football field for a while.  When they shoved Mallory out early back in the 90s, I think the word spread among the college football world.  Sure, they got an offensive genius in the form of Cam Cameron, but never saw a bowl game in his tenure...and that trend continued for the next two coaches.  Guys who coach football are in a pretty tight fraternity...and they talk to each other.

I don't think anyone will say they're pleased with this football season...from guys like me writing about it, all the way to Morgan Burke. BUT, most of us didn't expect much better than 6 wins back in August...and not being a losing team, even if by the slightest of margins, is a step forward for this program.  Burke pointed toward a bowl back in August, the team is in one in December, and now he's making good on a promise...and avoiding some pretty lousy football Karma.  Now for the next step.

We'll talk about this more in the coming days/weeks.

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