Quick Analysis

The Great
-Carson Wiggs- another 50+ yarder and one just shy of that...and he crushed the ball punting it
-Keith Smith- 125 yds. receiving
-Holding aOSU to just 66 yards rushing
-Ryan Kerrigan- 9tkls, 4TFL, 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 1 fumble recovered
-The feeling of being on the field with a bunch of happy fellow Boilers
-ZERO Special Teams TOs...the crowd sarcastically cheered with each fair catch...but I was stoked!
-The defensive preparedness was flat-out awesome. Hats off, Coach Landholm!
-Very sound game with only one penalty

The Good
-Joey Elliott managed the game well, threw for 281yds while completing nearly 60% of his passes
-Halliburton got a few carries, McBurse returned a few kickoffs...and Hope substituted very smartly, in my opinion
-The receiving corps caught about everything thrown their way and was generally macho all afternoon long
-The offensive play-calling looked pretty darned good...as a result, Purdue moved the ball all day long...especially in the second half

The Bad
-Dan Dierking's pass was AWFUL...but the playcall was equally AWFUL
-Chris Summers continues to struggle mightily punting the ball
-Bolden's still not getting a ton of space in which he can run...but he needs to go N/S a bit more
-Old alums telling younger alums to "Shutup!" for cheering.


Purdue-OSU Video Highlights and Happy Coach Hope