Sam Keller Wants His Cut

Hey, remember this colossal douchemonkey?

Well, Sam Keller is still a no-talent assclown and is also still a douche. He's now suing the NCAA and EA Sports for unlawfully using his and other players' likenesses in creating their college football video game.

In other words, Sam thinks he and the other players should be paid.

This is an argument that never gets much traction but also never goes away -- should college athletes be paid? And the answer isn't yes or no or "it depends." The answer is "they already DO get paid."

I honestly don't care how you feel about it -- this isn't debatable. Tuition is not cheap, as anyone who was not a scholarship athlete can attest. Neither is room and board or food or books or... anything else. And yet these entitled jackasses get luxurious locker rooms, state-of-the-art training facilities, preferential treatment, coaches and professors who "look the other way" in many cases, shitloads of free equipment (shoes, bags, clothing, etc., etc.) and, of course, a free f-cking college education.

Sure, sure, we all know a lot of athletes -- especially at non-highly-academic institutions -- are coasting along and aren't really learning a whole lot. But that doesn't change the fact that many of them will either have their degree or will be given every opportunity to get their degree. All for free.

When Sam Keller realizes his life peaked at age 18 (which maybe he already has), he might also realize how valuable having a college degree from a recognized university is. And he might realize that he's already been "paid" for his likeness.

Also, I'm no lawyer, but these kids are sort of like "employees" of the NCAA, if you think about it. If I do work at my company, they get to claim it is their "intellectual capital." They own it, because I voluntarily work here and get a salary for doing so. Sam Keller voluntarily played quarterback for Arizona State and Nebraska. In return, the NCAA and those two schools allowed him to go to school for free. What the NCAA chooses to do with his likeness is really not up to Keller. If he had a problem with that, he shouldn't have played college football.

But why stop with suing for the video game? Why doesn't Curtis Painter sue the Big Ten Network for capitalizing on him? They made money showing him playing football. Shouldn't he get a cut of that?

I get so damn angry about this, when these jerkoff entitled brats like Keller cause a ruckus and now this meathead lawsuit, which is reportedly a class action. Which I guess means he's got other meatheads joining his posse.

Hey, NCAA, here's an easy solution -- tell all current NCAA players that if they don't like the fact that the NCAA uses their likeness for video games with EA Sports, they are free to go. As is their scholarship. Buh-bye.

And when EA Sports pays whatever it is they pay to the NCAA to use the school names, stadiums, uniforms, player likenesses, and so forth, isn't it reasonable to assume that money winds up back in the athletic system? Thus benefiting the players whose likenesses are being used?

I just hate it when stupid people get a hare-brained idea, and Sam Keller is the manifestation of this.

Come on, Tim!!

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