Come on, Tim!!

Yahoo Sports is reporting that USC cheats...that parts not really news.

What is news, is the fact that Tim Floyd literally handed money to an agency to get OJ Mayo to play for him for one season...Nice work, Coach Floyd! You've taken the art of cheating to a low level that would make Coach Cal and Worldwide Wes blush. I mean, who actually directly gives money anymore? Not many...But clearly, Coach Tim Floyd has panache...and he understands you shouldn't leave a job to someone else you can do for yourself! The thing that's astounding to me is that OJ Mayo made over $200,000...for one season of college basketball. While the market of other cheating programs/agents/AAU coaches/corrupt athletic departments must have dictated such a number, it seems completely crazy to me that someone or a group of someones would be willing to pay so much for so little. If this is what it takes to finish fourth in the Pac-10, I guess I just don't want that type of success at Purdue. But well played, Coach Floyd, you were willing to pay for big results...I hope it was worth-while for you.

At least Tim always has the NBA to fall back upon...ooooh, wait, sorry.

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