Say What??

The league offices of the NBA, and its commissioner, David Stern are reporting that an investigation of NBA official Tim Donaghy (not pictured) is underway. The case was brought up following allegations that Donaghy not only bet on, but also may have affected (or fixed) the outcome of NBA games in the '05-'06 & '06-07 seasons. I react the same way to this as I did when I heard that WNBA "star" Cheryl Swoopes announced that she prefers the company of women:

Uh, yeah- how is that news?

I'd be more surprised the NBA came out and announced that they were no longer going to "guide" the outcome of the league's games with the help of its officials. Those who know have heard me say since about 1992 that the NBA was rigged...finally, I'm going to be proven correct!

In your face, Flanders!

Return of the Sideboobs

I visited Alyssa Milano's Blog and all I got was this lousy photo