Return of the Sideboobs

Oh, you didn't think it was going away forever, did you? That's right, we're back with Sideboob Friday, everybody's favorite diversion. (Or mine, anyway.)

I realize this is being posted late on a Friday but hey, it's still Friday. I'll endeavor to get them up earlier in the future. In the meantime, speaking of getting things up, here are this week's contestants.

The above photo came up in a search I was doing the other day when posting my thoughts on depraved piece of shit Michael Vick. I don't know if I'd call this dogfighting. In fact, if this was dogfighting and this was what was going on at Ookie's place in Virginia, I think you'd see some staunch allies coming out of the woodwork. Alas, it is not. It's simply a chick with enormous bazookas and a very flat tummy letting her dog lick her fingers. And you just know the dog is wishing for more.

On to the next one...

The above photo is of someone named Aria Giovanni. I didn't know who she was (honest!) but stumbled across her and learned she fancies herself an actress and model but, really, she's into porn. Her claim to fame, apparently, is that she's naturally gifted in the hooteriffic regions. I'm not sure if that's as big a claim, though, as being linked to such porn Web sites as "Amateur Pink," "Busty Amateurs," and "Seductive Amateurs." Only Tiger Woods can match such an amateur record.

Let's move to our final lass of the week...

That, gentlemen, is the incredible derriere of Jamie Kotsay, the wife of Mark Kotsay, an average major league baseball player who nabbed himself an above-average piece of arm candy. Mark has hit 41 triples in his major league career. I sincerely hope he's gotten to third base more often with Jamie. And yes, I know there are no sideboobs in this picture but I figured you could forgive me.

Well, At Least He Doesn't Hit Like a Girl

Say What??