Handsome Hour Juggling

As a result of tonight's Purdue-Va Tech game, we're rescheduling the Handsome Hour that was scheduled to air tonight.

Instead, we want you to focus all your energy on the Boilers tonight and let's hope they get back on track and show that the Richmond game was an anomaly. A solid performance and win tonight should all but erase that game as nothing more than a blip.

B-dowd and I will return with a recorded podcast (no callers) by the end of this week, wherein we will talk about basketball a bit but also wrap up the football season and talk more about the state of the program, etc.

In addition, it looks like the Season Three Finale of the Handsome Hour will be sometime the week of the 15th. We'll then take a few weeks off and come back strong for Season Four in the new year.

So never fear, we'll still be here.

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