Wednesday Gumbo (CMigrator copy 4)

Most of you already know this, but Mr. Handsome, Drew Brees has received SI's Sportsman of the Year Award. As you know, I've had a mancrush on #15/9 since the late 90s (probably like most of you), so I love seeing him get the recognition he deserves. He represents the best of not only Purdue sports, but also the Purdue family. If you've read his book and followed his career, you know this.

I don't think it's coincidence that he was a major part of the resurgence of Purdue football, then the Chargers' organization and finally, the Saint's organization...and on a greater scope, the city of New Orleans. Thank God there are athletes like Brees that break the stereotype of the selfish athlete...But I'm more grateful that he's a fellow Purdue alum.

Congrats Drew. Congrats SI for getting this right.


For those of you that also visit Gold and Black, you know by now that Neubert and Co. were denied press credentials for tonight's game. So, they, like us, won't be coving it in person.

The reasoning for the Hokie AD denying the credentials was supposedly because of their affiliation with Rivals and the standard message board formant on that site.

Problem is, every major basketball program in the nation (pretty much) has a Rivals site.

I hope Purdue and the rest of the BT return this favor to VaTech next season. This is BS...and not the awesome kind you find daily here at your favorite website.

More Important than Sports
If you visit here regularly, you know we don't cover the women's game very often. But, I am making an exception as this sounds like an amazing story and an out-and-out miracle.

Lady Boilers Forward, Drey Mingo is recovering from Bacterial Meningitis. A week ago, her odds of surviving didn't look great as the way her body was attacked was aggressive. Her condition forced Purdue's women to cancel their trip to Mexico for the Caribbean Challenge...but 8 days ago, basketball was no one's concern within the program. Now, the team and Drey's family are looking at if and when she'll play again...Truly great news.

A Purdue football player (I believe Joe Hagins) contracted Spinal Meningitis back in the late-90s...and it was no where near this severe. But I can remember how the Purdue family rallied around him. To all the students who know Drey, make sure to encourage her when you see her on campus next semester.

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