When Is It Okay To Rush The Court?

B-dowd and I were discussing this topic this morning, especially in light of Illinois students rushing the court after their upset win over MSU. An act that Dick Vitale took serious issue with but that Illini students felt was their right, especially in that moment.

First off, Dick Vitale is a buffoon and he's been a caricature of himself for going on 20 years. He adds almost nothing to broadcasts, he's annoying, he bellows stupidity and paws at his play-by-play guy and, worst of all, he makes me like Bob Knight as a color guy. For Vitale -- a clown who gets animated over the stupidest little things -- to criticize students for going crazy is, well, effing stupid. They're going bananas, Dick, just like you do when talking about John Wall like you want to hump his leg. But I digress.

When, dear readers, is it okay to rush the court in college basketball? I was thinking today that there is hardly a situation left where it would seem that Purdue fans would rush the court...correct? I mean, let's say the rankings are reversed when MSU comes to WestLaf and Purdue wins -- the students aren't rushing the court then, are they?

And by the same token, there's absolutely no way MSU fans are storming the floor if they win over the Boilers tomorrow night. That we can say with certainty.

On the other hand, you had the Illini fans rushing on after beating #5 MSU and, earlier this year, you had IU fans storming the court after knocking off powerhouse Minnesota.

So when is it okay? Because there has to be a time, right? Or are you always supposed to pretend you've been there before? We want your opinions on this one.

I'll tell you some of my personal guidelines for what I think is okay:

1) You're mediocre and take down the #1 team in the country. A great example of this was a marginal South Carolina team knocking off #1 and undefeated Kentucky a couple weeks ago. That was cause for celebration.

2) You're a small-time team from a small-time conference and you knock off a powerhouse team from a big-boy conference. Doesn't have to be a #1 team, but they should definitely be top ten, let's say, and a team that is a shock for you to beat.

3) The win clinches a conference title or undefeated season or championship of some kind that's been a long time coming.

That's about it for me.

Times when it's definitely not okay but seems to have become acceptable:

1) When it's a conference foe that's not #1 in the nation. You're supposed to sometimes beat your conference opponents. Acting like you can't believe you pulled one out against a conference opponent is kind of embarrassing. This falls under acting like you've been there before, because you probably have.

2) When it's simply a team ranked higher than you. If you're #25 and you beat #15, simply cheer from your seats.

3) When it's going to get you mocked relentlessly. See Indiana over Minnesota.

What say you, BS faithful?

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