Drew Brees' Secret To Success

Sadly, I have to admit that I was on Pampers.com this morning. I do, after all, have a 1 week old baby girl.

Imagine my surprise however, when I discovered something my baby and Drew Brees have in common. They both wear diapers! Apparently, Drew's secret to a great season is wearing Pampers Cruisers. He reportedly* said that "I have so much increased flexibility when I wear Cruisers. I used to wear Luvs under Coach Tiller, but when I moved to the NFL they suggested Pampers. They've really helped my game. "

* He never said any such thing.

-Note to self: You should still read BoiledSports even when your baby is in the hospital so that you don't reference something that was talked about 5 days ago.

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