BREAKING: BS Readers Dislike UND

In our unscientific polling, it appears that Notre Dame is the team Purdue fans (or at least the really smart ones who read BS) want to beat the most. 67% of you chose the guys who, uh, bring the thunder from the sky.

Second was IU at just 19%, followed by OSU at 10%. I did like some of the comments regarding "Other," where we had people pointing out they voted other because they wanted to beat non-conf, lower-level programs more than anything. Or, as a reader explained, beating Wisconsin might be the most fun, for lots of cathartic reasons. I agree, that would be terrific.

However, I'm afraid I need to go with the majority on this one. As much as I think losing to Indiana is downright inexcusable, there is honestly no program I want to beat more than Notre Dame. Big stage, national television, under the lights, at home...and the obnoxious fanbase.

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