Coach; Educator; Marksman

You know, we definitely dislike Bob Knight around here but he's no longer the coach of our most hated rival, IU, and instead toils away at his craft in the outpost of Lubbock, Texas. Plus we have plenty of hating to do on Kelvin Sanctions, Fat Charlie, etc.

But, still, I had to comment on this story from SI that Bob Knight is still out there firing wayward shotgun blasts.

Apparently, last month Bob Knight "accidentally" shot a woman in the foot while hunting for birds. That seems a bit off-target to me -- aren't birds more often airborne than at foot level? Regardless, he then allegedly hit another guy who had yelled at him and his buddy for hunting too close to his property. The guy in question only yelled at them after, according to him, their birdshot had rained down on his backyard three times. Then he was cleaning his pool and was hit in the back by more birdshot pellets.

"Lubbock police said they do not plan to seek charges against the coach."

Of course not. Why would they? This is a man who has now shot three people since October 1999. He was fined a total of $582 for the original incident and, yeah, sure, that's probably enough.

The two people he hit last month both estimated he hit them from 250 feet. Imagine if he were closer to them or, say, using a rifle with actual bullets instead of birdshot? Or if the shot had hit the woman's eye instead of her foot? No, I suppose there's no need to look into any of this or revoke his right to carry a weapon. He's totally balanced and should be allowed to carry firearms.

So glad I'm moving to Texas.

Me? Lose touch with reality? That's unpossible!