Me? Lose touch with reality? That's unpossible!

There's an interesting article by Ivan Maisel up on right now. It definitely sounds like something going on in my head right now, and apparently others heads when it comes to Joe Tiller.

There's something about being a fan that makes you lose touch with reality.

If it's your team, you should be proud that they went 8-4.

If it's my team, I can't stomach the mediocrity another day. We should have been at least 10-2.

If it's your team, there's something to be said for winning three division titles in 10 seasons.

If it's my team, the coach has got to go because he never won the conference.

If it's your team, 10 bowls in 11 seasons is a badge of honor.

If it's my team, and we play one more Bowl, I'm going to boycott takeout pizza.

If it's your team, you win despite a small recruiting base.

If it's my team, we've been ranked in the top 25 in recruiting five years running and our coaches can't develop talent.

If it's your team, you'll never overcome the rivals with deeper pockets and more tradition.

If it's my team, we had those guys beat with 10 minutes to play and that idiot of a coach blew the game.

If it's your team, I love your coach's one-liner about how they couldn't play dead in a cowboy movie.

If it's my team, and I hear that tired line about playing dead in a cowboy movie one more time, I'm going to stop donating to the athletic department.

If it's your team, your coach's 10 years are a sign of stability.

If it's my team, get that guy out of there -- now.

Up Yours, Hollywood!

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