Just In case you're still a fan of the olympics...

A perfect summation of the games.

Here's something to keep in mind- The pinheads at the IOC recently backed down as the Chinese Gymnastics Team told them that they're earlier documentation of their girls ages didn't count and the most recent were the most accurate...But that's not even close to the biggest example of how the IOC stinks.

Much like the UN, the IOC makes big statements and proclamations and does nothing to follow up when those rules, regulations and warnings are broken. Even more bothersome is the fact that China, it's opening and the games on a larger scale are being praised by NBC, the world media and the IOC as a great success. This is a travesty.

These games are at best a sham and at worst a disgusting example of the worst the world has to offer...Read here for more...and make sure to click all of the links along the way for details.

I'm saddened and angered in hindsight by the fact that I actually watched these olympics on TV. The painful fact is that moneys from McDonalds, Nike and others were poured into the heartless, human-crushing machine called the PRC because of hypocrites like me. While sport is entertaining and I love to see America win, there are better ways to support her than watching this olympiad. Damnit.

China, you can suck it.
IOC, you can too- you empowered Hu and the PRC's march toward ZERO progress in the realm of human rights and freedom was made during the past two weeks/two years. But honestly, what level-headed person would believe that negotiating and bargaining with a communist regime would end any other way?

Atta boy, Frank!