Crazy Old Guy Predicts 11 Wins for Lousy Program

Sure, UND has softened their schedule quite a bit, even for them, in an effort to regain some of the limelight that they so desperately crave, but it's not going to be an easy season for the Irish...It surely won't be an 11-win season...or will it?

Looking like a dumbass week after week makes Lou angry!

After taking a closer look, I think that Notre Dame lapdog and all-around senile, unintelligible old guy, Lou Holtz might not be far from right.

Let's break it down:
-SDSU is a W
-UM, that early in the season should be a W
-MSU will be tough, but these two seem to beat the other at their houses...and god's team probably has revenge on their minds
-Purdue has beaten UND once in the last 20 years in the shadows of First Down Jesus
-Stanford kids have to travel across the country...and they have tests that week that they actually have to take themselves
-I actually think UNC will upset the Irish with Davis at the helm...I'm sure he has no love for the Manatee
-Washington should be motivated to beat UND, but outside of their QB, they don't have a whole bunch going on
-Pitt has a lot to prove, but might not be too great as they've simply not lived up to anybody's expectations the last five seasons
-BC loses Ryan and a bunch of other guys...but they kinda own the Irish
-Navy, closer to home...but they'll be playing for a new coach
-Cuse hasn't been good in 10 years
-USC could beat UND with all 2nd-stringers, especially at home

I see 8 wins here for the Irish (not 11)...That should put them in the BCS Championship Game and Wake up the echoes, or return them to glory or help Pickles keep his big gay beer pong buzz.

The real question is, do 5 lousy wins versus respectable opponents afford the Manatee another season in his tight khaki pants and tighter navy blue shirt? I think if Notre Dame loses two of their games v. MSU, UM, Purdue and USC, he's on the hot seat, regardless of record at the end of the season.

Political correctness, or how we learned to reward mediocrity.

Atta boy, Frank!