Political correctness, or how we learned to reward mediocrity.

ESPN.com has an article up about how a little league pitcher has been told that he is too good to play.

It really makes me want to punch people in the face. I guess a lot of things do that as I move into my cranky old age. Hey! Get off my lawn!

Anyway, this really does speak volumes about how politically correct our culture has gotten. This player is "too good" because he's better than the other players. Guess what you useless new-age parents? Your kid isn't great at everything. Your neighbors kids aren't great at everything. Not everyone is a winner. Sports by definition have a single winner or a single winning team. The team that goes 0-18 in little league should NOT get a freaking trophy. What do you think you're teaching your kids when you do that? You're teaching them that mediocrity is rewarded. It's okay to suck because you're still number 1 to me. Well kid, you're not number 1 to anyone else. You may be a great kid, but you're just a steaming pile of number 2 at sports. Suck it up. Not everyone is Alex Rodriguez.

The parents of the opposing team pulled their kids off the field, and in turn somehow got the good team (the one that wanted to play) to forfeit. Now, of course, there are politics involved. Speculation is that because the good pitcher didn't want to play for the defending champs (who are sponsored by the league administrators employer no less) that he is now not allowed to play at the pitching position.

Being good at something used to be rewarded. Now in our politically correct bull crap world it's punished. Give me a break. This stuff makes me want to scream, and also punch Hillary Clinton in the face (just for the fun of it), but also scream.

Doing this is like telling LeBron James he couldn't play high school basketball. "Sorry LeBron, you're just too good and you're making the opposing players feel bad by dunking on their heads. You're going to have to go home now because you can't play here."

It's just idiotic.

Is it a bad thing?

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